No One Can Find The Cat Hiding In This Christmas Tree

“Spot the void” 🖤

Richelle Fast was excited to enjoy the holidays with the newest member of the family — a rescue kitten named Twigget. She knew that Twigget would bring even more joy to an already joyous season.

But as soon as the Christmas tree arrived, Twigget decided that it belonged to her and her alone. And she had very strong opinions on how it should be decorated.

Cat on top of Christmas tree
Richelle Fast

“She won't let me put any ornaments on the tree,” Fast told The Dodo. “She thinks she is the only decoration the tree needs.”

“She will jump up into the tree and try to bat the ornament out of my hand,” she added.

Cat hiding in Christmas tree
Richelle Fast

Twigget enjoys spending hours in her festive new climbing post, where the black cat almost entirely blends in.

“She definitely likes to hang out in it and she will run over to it if it looks like anyone else is going to mess with it,” Fast said. “I figure, if I were a cat, I'd want to climb the tree too, so I let her have her fun.”

Richelle Fast

Recently, Fast snapped a photo of Twigget in the tree, but when she looked back at the photo, the cat was almost entirely camouflaged. So she posted the photo on Facebook with the caption: “Spot the void.”

“I like seeing these kinds of pictures, and sometimes it takes me a while to find the cat,” Fast said. “So I thought it would be fun and cute.”

Can you spot Twigget?

Spot the cat in the tree
Richelle Fast

Thousands of Facebook users attempted to find Twigget with some difficulty. But when they did finally spot her towards the top of the tree, the cat's adorable face spread holiday cheer.

“I don’t know if this is weird but I felt the need for this picture. Makes me so happy,” one commenter wrote.

Richelle Fast

In just a few weeks, Twigget's Christmas tree will have to come down. But until then, Twigget will continue to be the only ornament her mom needs.