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Woman Takes A Photo And Realizes 4 Teeny Babies Are Hiding In It

Can you find them? 🦎

Azure Marshmello was taking an evening walk near her home in Tel Aviv when she spotted something moving in the tall grass. The little animal almost blended in with his surroundings, but not quite.

As Marshmello got closer, she spotted a number of tiny baby chameleons looking for comfy spots to rest for the night.

Baby chameleon blending in
Azure Marshmello

“Since then, each time I walk nearby I count all the chameleons I can spot,” Marshmello told The Dodo. “It’s a relatively easy task once your eye knows what to look for. I suspect every night each chameleon settles down for sleep in the same spot.”

Azure Marshmello

Marshmello tried to take a photo of the lizards, but when she looked back at it, the sand-colored chameleons perfectly matched the scenery.

Can you find them?

Find the chameleons in this photo
Azure Marshmello

She posted the photo on Facebook, challenging viewers to find the “four baby chameleons in this pic.” Most were stumped; others claimed they could see five.

How many do you see?

Spot the chameleons
Azure Marshmello

It’s a common misconception that chameleons change colors to blend in with their surroundings. The little lizards’ color-changing ability is primarily used to regulate their body temperature and to communicate with other chameleons. 

But that doesn’t mean that these lizards aren’t good at avoiding detection, and Marshmello’s photo proved it.

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