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No One Can Find The Dog In This Photo Who's Just Trying To Find His Stick

"Even once I posted the photo of him in it and one with him circled, people still don’t believe it.”

Before she adopted him, Natashia Saurey used to dog sit for Ghost, and when his family suddenly needed to rehome him, she immediately jumped at the chance to add him to her own family. He’s been with them for a little over a year now, and they can’t imagine their lives without him. 

“When he wakes up he comes to find me and greets all of our family with a smile every single morning,” Saurey told The Dodo. “Seriously one of my favorite things about him … He absolutely LOVES people and especially babies. When he sees babies he just can not contain his smile and it pulls at my heartstrings every time!” 

dog smiling with tongue out
Natashia Saurey

Ghost is one of the happiest dogs around and has a lot of things he loves about life. He loves sleeping, playing outside, giving hugs to people — and he also really, really loves sticks

“My kids love to collect sticks and if Ghost finds them, they become ‘his,’” Saurey said. “All we have to say is, ‘What is that?!’ He will search for a stick and run around crazy with it.” 

dog smiling
Natashia Saurey

When Ghost and his family were playing outside together in the woods one day, he immediately began his hunt for the perfect stick. He finally found one, completely buried in a big pile of leaves — but, of course, that didn’t stop Ghost. He dove into the pile to get it, and ended up completely submerged. 

While he was under there, his mom snapped a photo where you can kind of see him peeking out a bit — and she managed to capture it just in time before he burst out of the pile again with his new stick, so happy to see his family again. 

dog hidden in pile of leaves
Natashia Saurey

“He was so excited,” Saurey said. “He just loves to be so excited and happy! He loves being outdoors and finding all kinds of things to do! [He was] incredibly proud until his older sister stole it from him.” 

dog in pile of leaves
Natashia Saurey

Looking back at the photos, his family realized it was almost impossible to see Ghost in the “hidden” photo Saurey had snapped, so they decided to put the internet to the test to see if anyone could actually find him. Saurey really didn’t think that many people would be invested — but she was very wrong. 

dog finds stick
Natashia Saurey

“It was hard to keep up with comments on it but everyone was losing their minds basically,” Saurey said. “In 23 minutes it had over 500 comments and there was no way I could keep up. Even once I posted the photo of him in it and one with him circled, people still don’t believe it.”

Here's your first clue: 

dog hidden
Natashia Saurey

Out of everyone who tried to find Ghost in the picture, only two or three people actually got it right. It’s so hard it might even be impossible, but Saurey promises he's actually in there somewhere.

Here's a smaller circled photo with a line along his beloved stick: 

dog hidden in pile of leaves
Natashia Saurey

Still stumped? Don't worry, The Dodo team was too. Really, really stumped. Here's the best clue yet:

hidden dog
Natashia Saurey

Were you able to find him? If so, props to you! This may be the hardest "can you find the animal in this photo" challenge The Dodo has ever done. 

If Ghost knew how many people were having fun trying to find him in the photo, he would be absolutely thrilled. His favorite thing in life is making people happy, like he does for his family every single day. 

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