Nice Bus Driver Stops To Give A Lost Sloth A Ride To Safety

He was the perfect passenger ❤️

The other day, Daniele Miranda was on her way to work on a city bus in northern Brazil when the driver made an unexpected stop.

There, in the middle of a busy urban street, was a lone sloth. Evidently, he’d gotten lost on his way back home, winding up in the inhospitable spot.

Fortunately, he found just the people to help.

Daniele Miranda

Fearing the sloth might get hit by a car, or end up venturing even farther from his forest home, the bus driver decided to offer him a lift. 

After stopping, bus’s the ticket collector hopped out and returned moments later carrying the sloth.

“It was so nice of them,” Miranda told The Dodo. “The bus driver could have just driven by, but he didn’t.”

Daniele Miranda

For the remainder of Miranda’s trip to work, the rescued sloth was a model passenger — causally clinging to the grab rails like just another commuter.

“I had never seen a sloth up close,” Miranda said.

Daniele Miranda

Eventually, the bus reached its terminal. All the passengers disembarked — that is, all but one.

Local authorities were soon dispatched to pick up the sloth, hopefully to complete his unusual journey back to the forest where he belongs.

The bus workers, for their lifesaving efforts, were praised by their employer: "Hats off to their reaction," the bus company wrote.

As their passenger, Miranda couldn't help but agree.

"Thank goodness the sloth was saved."