Newlyweds Can’t Believe Their Eyes As Monkey Family Interrupts Photo Shoot

“We were all so shocked and amazed.”

It may have been Sophie Ngo and her husband’s big day — but that didn’t stop a pair of adorable passersby from stepping in to steal the spotlight during their wedding shoot.

Yet somehow it made the moment all the more memorable.


While posing for a videographer after their wedding, along a jungle path in Carmen, Mexico, Ngo and her groom were unexpectedly met by a local family — a mother monkey with her tiny baby in tow.

Though they could have passed by without stopping, the monkey mom apparently decided to greet them instead. She quickly got up close and personal.

“I was so shocked at first because I just saw something come at us and I had no idea what it was. But my husband was super calm, and she just climbed right on him with her baby!” Ngo told The Dodo. “We were all so shocked and amazed.”

Here's that moment on video:

Ngo said that wild monkeys are known to frequent the area, but she and her husband never expected to have an encounter like this one.

And with that, their already unforgettable day became even more so.

"It did feel like a very unique, special experience that they were so willing to approach us like that!" Ngo said.