Nervous Little Dog Finally Works Up The Courage To Bark At 'Scary' Bobcat

She's gonna need a second 😂

Life’s been pretty peachy for this little dog named Cherie — filled with belly rubs, treats and afternoon naps.

But recently, Cherie was finally called upon to be a guard dog.

And she's gonna need a second.

The other day, Cherie was at home in Texas with her owner Kay Hawkins when an unexpected visitor appeared just off their porch.

It was a "scary" bobcat — casually cleaning himself there, almost like he owned the place.

Cherie, clearly not the confrontational type, evidently still felt obligated to set the bobcat straight. After taking some time to muster up the courage, about 30 seconds, anxious Cherie finally spoke up with a nervous “woof.”

Here’s that moment on video:

Hey! It worked. And Cherie seemed the most surprised of all.

Hearing the little dog and suddenly realizing his hiding spot had been found out, the bobcat decided to go ahead and move along. Truth is, bobcats are actually quite shy; experts say that making noise is usually enough to deter them — helping to ensure people and bobcats safely coexist.

Now, back to that nap.