Nanny Cam Captures Dog Coming To Check On His Baby Brother Every Night

“It really is lovely to see him do it" ❤️

Meet Jaxon and Ludo — a 2-year-old boy and his faithful pup who are pretty much joined at the hip. In fact, not a day has gone by in which the two were apart.

“Jaxon has never known life without Ludo,” Tia Laycock, Jaxon and Ludo’s mom, told The Dodo. “They've been inseparable from the very beginning.”

And it shows.

Tia Laycock

During the day, Jaxon and Ludo can usually be found playing games or going on some little adventures. Where one of them is, the other is bound to be there, too.

But when night falls and it comes time to sleep, Jaxon and Ludo’s bond is even easier to see.

Tia Laycock

When Jaxon was old enough to sleep soundly on his own, he moved into his very own bedroom. There, Laycock decided to set up a nanny cam in order to keep tabs on him. Though she soon discovered she wasn’t the only one doing so.

Footage from the camera revealed that Ludo would always stroll into Jaxon’s room throughout the night to make sure his favorite little boy was cozy and safe. He does it every night.

Here’s a video showing several instances of Ludo checking in on Jaxon, and often curling up to sleep near his bed:

Laycock was touched by the dog’s show of devotion. She's always keeping a close eye on Jaxon, too, witnessing this nightly routine with Ludo in the process.

“It really is lovely to see him do, especially as it's not something that he's been trained to do,” she said. “He does it on his own.”

Clearly, Ludo is driven by love.

Tia Laycock

Jaxon is in good hands — and paws. His friendship with Ludo is one that will no doubt last a lifetime.

And their mom rests a little easier knowing that the pup is so devoted.

"It's lovely seeing the bond they both have," Laycock said. "And it's nice to think that if something were to ever happen in the night that we'd have that extra set of eyes to alert us of anything."