Nana Has The Sweetest Routine Of Spoiling Her Beloved Granddog

"It’s definitely their bonding period” ❤️

This sweet pup named Ghost knows precisely where her favorite place to visit is.

It's her grandma’s house, of course.


Sure, Ghost loves spending time at home with her mom, Jernissa Williams. But it’s easy to see why, for the pup, her nana’s house is an even better place to be. That’s where Ghost gets the utmost TLC — the kind only Grandma can provide.

“Ghost often cries to go to my mother’s house,” Williams told The Dodo. “[My mom] buys her treats, toys, clothes and food. She is the Ultimate Nana, as we call her.”

What Ghost loves most about time with Grandma are moments like this — a snapshot from their favorite routine: brush time.

Just like Williams’ mom brushed her hair as a kid, she does the same for Ghost.

“It’s something they do often. It’s definitely their bonding period,” Williams said.

Ghost loves every second with Grandma — and her mom loves it, too.

Jernissa Williams

“I’m always warm and fuzzy when I see their interactions,” Williams said.