Motorcyclist Stops And Makes Friends With A Thirsty Armadillo

“It was a great pleasure” ❤️

The other day, Nelson Cardoso was heading home from work on his motorcycle along an arid stretch of highway in Brazil when something caught his eye.

It was a little armadillo on the side of the road.

“He was about to cross the street, and the traffic was constant,” Cardoso told The Dodo. “I stopped the bike to get him out of there.”

But Cardoso did more than just that.

Nelson Cardoso

After parking his motorcycle, Cardoso was surprised to see the armadillo walk towards him.

“They’re wild animals,” Cardoso said. “Normally, they’re skittish. But he approached me without fear.”

Suspecting that the armadillo might have been thirsty on that hot afternoon, Cardoso grabbed a jug of water from his bike and poured some out for the little animal. And sure enough, he began to drink.

Here’s video Cardoso took of their heartwarming interaction:

Once the little animal’s thirst was quenched, Cardoso went one step further. He gently escorted him away from the dangerous roadway, back to the safety of the brush.

The armadillo had gotten the help he needed and had good reason to be thankful — but Cardoso ended the encounter feeling grateful, too.

“It was a great pleasure,” Cardoso said. “Being able to help him was very gratifying.”