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Wild Monkey Sneaks Into Office And Gets Straight To Work

That little furrowed brow 💕

School is out on winter break at National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan.

But though the classrooms and offices have mostly fallen silent, there's still someone there hard at work.

Evidently, Chang Morgan decided to drop by an empty office on campus the other day — only to discover, to his surprise, that it wasn't quite empty after all.

There, sitting behind a desk, was a wild macaque. The monkey, apparently having gained entrance to the building somehow, now looked to be focused on some challenging task, his little brow furrowed as if in deep concentration.

His business? Monkey business. Obviously.

As random as the monkey's presence may seem there, it's actually not unheard of. According to school officials, the campus is located near a macaque habitat, and the animals are known to explore the school, both inside and out.

"There have been multiple incidents of macaques sneaking into student dormitories and taking packages of instant noodles or disturbing belongings," Huang I-yu, the university's senior vice president, told the Taipei Times.

Just what type of monkey business this particular monkey was up to may never be known for sure — but hopefully, when his work is through, he remembers to carve out a little time for pleasure, too.

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