Mom Gets Home From School Drop-Off And Finds Someone Curled Up On Her Doormat

“Oh my gosh, you poor thing."

Leilani Slocumb had just finished dropping her kids off at school and was heading home. As she was walking up to her front door, though, she noticed something unusual.

Someone was curled up on her porch, waiting for her.

“Oh my gosh, you poor thing,” Slocumb said in a TikTok video.

The mystery visitor turned out to be a very skinny, scared dog waiting for someone to help him. As Slocumb approached him, he scurried off the porch and huddled in the grass nearby, but changed his mind when he realized Slocumb had food. The poor pup was clearly hungry and probably hadn’t eaten in quite some time.

Once the pup, later named Bo, had been fed and had some time to settle in, he started to warm up to his new surroundings. Slocumb’s husband and stepdaughter gave him a much-needed bath, and the family made an appointment to take him to the vet as soon as possible.

“He has really warmed up to us and is doing well,” Slocumb wrote on TikTok.

Once at the vet, Bo was scanned for a microchip and they found one, but his former family said they’d given the dog away six months ago and they didn’t want him anymore.

“We told the vet we would take him and to go ahead with all the care he needed,” Slocumb wrote.

Bo had a really bad case of mange and needed antibiotics, but otherwise, he seemed to be OK. He was in good spirits after seeing the vet and seemed to know that he was finally safe with people who were going to love him.

“After a long day, we went home and Bo rolled straight in the dirt and was the happiest he has been since he’s been with us,” Slocumb wrote. “He knows he is home now.”

Bo was lost and needed help when he curled up on his new family’s porch. Somehow he knew he picked the right house.