Mom Comes Home To Find Pictures Of Hamsters All Over The House

Her daughter REALLY wanted a hamster 😂

Laura Carns’ 15-year-old daughter Susie had been asking her mom for a hamster all summer. The answer was always no, but Susie refused to accept that. One day, she decided to take drastic steps and launched a full-blown hamster campaign. 

“I think what prompted it is that I rather grumpily said, ‘No, for real,’ before leaving the house to visit with a friend for two hours,” Carns told The Dodo. “She enlisted the help of her little brother and her boyfriend, and the three of them were very busy in the two hours I was gone!” 

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When Carns arrived home that day, she was shocked to find her house covered in hamster photos. Everywhere she turned, she saw hamsters. From inside the freezer to up on the ceiling, Susie and her team didn’t miss a single spot. They’d even made a very well-thought-out PowerPoint presentation and left it open on a laptop for Carns to find. 

“Probably the strangest place I found a hamster picture was under the lid of the toilet,” Carns said. 

Laura Carns

Carns was stunned. Susie had asked for things before, but never with such passion and persistence. Carns quickly realized the relentless campaign for a hamster was most likely going to work. 

“She has done campaigns like this before, complete with flyers and PowerPoint presentations, for various things she wanted (guinea pigs, Snapchat, a foosball table), but this was the first time I came home to such a full-throttle attack,” Carns said. 

Laura Carns

Carns posted a video of her house covered in hamster photos to TikTok, and as the internet pleaded with her to get that kid a hamster, she soon admitted defeat. 

“Once the video went viral, it was pretty clear I couldn't say no,” Carns said. 

girl wants a hamster
Laura Carns

Not long after the campaign was launched, Susie brought home her new best friend, Snow. She is absolutely thrilled with her new hamster and couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.

Despite the initial hesitation, Susie’s whole family now loves their new furry family member. The moral of the story? Passion and hard work pay off — and it doesn’t hurt to cover the entire house in hamster photos, too.