Mom Checks Nanny Cam At Night And Realizes Her Baby Is Not Alone

"'Please don’t separate us. Please don’t. Let us stay.’”

When Kelly De Alba got a notification from her baby cam one night in February 2022, she figured it was probably just baby Kallie moving around. But when she opened the app, De Alba saw an adorable visitor hanging out in Kallie’s crib — the family’s little black cat, Luna. And Luna wasn’t having any problem getting comfy in her sister’s bed.

“I got a notification, so I opened it, and I just saw Luna rubbing all over [Kallie],” De Alba told The Dodo. “The camera was right in her face, and they were both looking at it like, ‘Mom, please don’t separate us. Please don’t. Let us stay.’”

De Alba posted the footage to TikTok, and people could not get enough of Luna and Kallie’s relationship.

Unfortunately, De Alba couldn’t let Luna and Kallie have a sleepover that night. “[Luna] knows when she hears Mom coming, she’s not supposed to be in the crib unless we’re in there,” De Alba said.

Kallie and Luna have been best friends since the day De Alba brought the cat home from the shelter. As soon as Luna smelled Kallie, she knew they were meant to be together.

“She instantly was on Kallie’s car seat [at the shelter],” De Alba said. “And I was like, ‘I can’t leave without this cat. This is the one.’”

Luna and Kallie have a deep connection, but the young cat is also super close to her older siblings, too. She sleeps with them at night — when she’s not sneaking into Kallie’s crib — and lets them snuggle her to bits without putting up a fight.

Kelly De Alba

But Luna always finds her way back to baby Kallie. “From the start, she’s kind of been Kallie’s cat,” De Alba said. “It is literally a baby and cat bond.”

“It doesn’t matter where it is, Luna just seems to always be right next to [Kallie],” De Alba added. Luna isn't very vocal, but give little meows whenever she hears Kallie’s name mentioned. And Kallie reacts the same when her mom brings up Luna. “She gets the biggest smile every time,” De Alba said.

And over the last eight months, Kallie has grown from a baby to a toddler — and her relationship with Luna has grown even stronger.

Kelly De Alba

“Kallie and Luna are still thick as thieves,” De Alba said. “They’re together most of the day, whether they are roaming around making messes, eating snacks or taking naps. Luna is loving that Kallie is old enough to give her lots of loves.”

“Kallie will lay and rub her head for 20 minutes at a time and they are both just in heaven,” De Alba continued. “Luna still tries to get in Kallie’s bed when she can, but ends up sleeping with the bigger kids at night and with Kallie during naps.”

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