'Miracle' Dog Survives Accident With 80 MPH Car In Most Incredible Way

Now he's all smiles ❤️

Last week, a driver was speeding down a highway in Italy at 80 mph when they suddenly felt a thump. Sadly, they’d struck a stray white dog who’d somehow ended up in the middle of the road.

The driver stopped immediately — no doubt expecting the worst.

But what they saw instead seemed nothing short of a miracle.

Jimmy Dotti

Incredibly, given the speed at which the car had been traveling, the lucky pup had actually survived — becoming lodged in the vehicle’s front grille, which had apparently dampened the impact.

The driver called for help, and Jimmy Dotti of Italian Veterinary Ambulance was among the first on the scene.

He, too, was in disbelief.

Jimmy Dotti

“In my many years of rescuing animals, I would say that this is one of the most miraculous cases,” Dotti told The Dodo.

After sedating the dog, rescuers pulled him from the car, and discovered that he'd been left with only relatively minor injuries.

Jimmy Dotti

Thankfully, tests showed the dog had no brain or spinal damage. Aside from a fractured front leg, he’d survived the accident mostly unscathed.

Rescuers named the dog Paraflu — and soon he was set on the road to recovery.

His leg would take time to fully mend. But Paraflu’s spirit remained intact.

Now, he's all smiles.

Jimmy Dotti

Where Paraflu had come from, and how ended up there all alone in the dangerous roadway, is still a mystery. But one thing is clear — he got a second chance at life. And his rescuers are sure his future has never looked brighter.

When his recovery is compete, the lucky pup will be placed into a loving home.

"Paraflu is a really good dog," Dotti said. "He will make the family who adopts him very happy."