Taxi Driver Has The Cutest Assistant Helping Him Handle His Finances

She's the best cashier.

The other day, Teresa Castro Avila caught a cab to her destination, deciding that paying for a ride was the best option. What she didn’t realize at the time, however, was that this transaction would be a memorable one.

Turns out, the taxi driver had someone special handling his finances.


Upon entering the taxi, Avila noticed a little dog resting cozily in the front passenger seat. The driver, named David, explained that she was his faithful pup, Chiqui.

“[David] told me that he has no one to leave his dog with and he doesn't like her to stay home alone,” Avila recounted. “So he [thought it] better to take her to work.”

But Chiqui isn’t merely a companion for David at work — she's his coworker. At the end of the ride, Avila saw how the little pup pulls her weight on the job:

“The dog knows how to receive the payment and deliver it to her beloved owner,” Avila wrote.

It’s unclear how long David and his dog have been working together like this, but there’s no doubt that the world’s a better place with Chiqui on the job.