Meetup For Introverted Dogs Is As Awkward And Adorable As It Sounds

"It's like a pasture of cows" 😂

Making friends can sometimes be a challenge — especially for those who tend to be a little less outgoing than others. Fortunately, these people found a way to help their less-sociable pets feel a bit more comfortable.

They met up for a special playdate just for introspective pups.

And included among them was this shy (but gorgeous) dog named Qila.

According to Qila’s owner, the meetup was actually coordinated by a dog psychologist who, presumably, understands the importance of proper socialization for his patients.

As you’ll see, interacting is a not a strong suit for these pups. But, hey — at least they’re trying!

“[Most] of the time they were just chilling like this,” Qila’s owner wrote, sharing this video from the playdate:

Was it a little awkward? Yes. Yes, it was. But it was also adorable. The dogs had a good time together, in their own way, even if it wasn’t so obvious from seeing them. And in the end, that's what matters most.

After all, introspective pups are not less perfect than those with outgoing personalities. That’s something Qila’s owner knows well.

“I love introverts,” Qila's owner wrote. “They are so personal when they show you their true color[s]. I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to find this dog group.”

Qila, no doubt, is thankful, too.