Rescuers Transport Dogs To Forever Homes With The Help Of Tito’s Vodka


It's tough to be a shelter dog no matter what, but in certain parts of the country, it can be even harder to find a home. In the South, for instance, there tends to be more overcrowding than in the North, where adoptions are often in higher demand. That’s why Tito’s Handmade Vodka stepped in to help transport dogs in need to where they’re most likely to find forever families. With the help of three rescue organizations: Wings of Rescue, Pilots N Paws, and Mission Miracle K9, the Vodka for Dog People program has helped pups across the country get to safety when they need it most. 

When shelters are overrun, that’s when Wings of Rescue steps in. Louisiana, Mississippi, and other areas around the Gulf of Mexico are hit by hurricanes every year, leading to many homeless dogs. Combined with existing pet overpopulation, shelters in Gulf states can have a harder time placing dogs. Wings of Rescue helps evacuate these homeless pups during crisis, while also assisting people recovering from major storms. For example, Clyde, a deaf dog from Houma, Louisiana, was able to be transported to Madison, New Jersey, where he was placed with a forever family in just three days. Beyond bringing dogs to safety, though, Wings of Rescue has delivered over 40,000 pounds of disaster relief materials to humans and dogs alike, and has rescued over 8,000 pets this year, including 38 guinea pigs and one three-legged mouse. 

Like Wings of Rescue, Pilots N Paws helps get pets where they need to go — with the help of volunteer pilots. Through this organization, private pilots volunteer their time and planes to help bring animals from overpopulated areas to shelters with fewer pets due to high adoption demand. With a network that connects to small rescuers (often groups of only a few people who are coordinating the rescue themselves), Pilots N Paws helps get pets to forever homes across the country. “People call me crazy, but I swear that these animals know. I swear that they get a feeling that they are in a place where they are going to be safe and cared for,” said Christopher Frederick, a Pilots N Paws volunteer rescue pilot, of his latest mission to bring a mom and her two puppies to a shelter where they had a better chance of being adopted. 

Mission Miracle K9

Texas' large stray dog population—along with a lack of spay and neuter laws— mean that shelter dogs can have a tough time finding the perfect family. For Mission Miracle, a job well done meant more dogs happy at home with their new parents. From 2015 to 2020, they transported over 5,000 dogs, mostly to northern shelters where they had a better chance of finding forever homes quickly. Mission Miracle’s director Matt Montes completed these journeys road-trip style — which brings its own set of challenges, especially when you have 30-plus dogs along for the ride! On the latest trip, that challenge was their vehicle breaking down right before they made it to Washington state. Luckily, a team of volunteers with Tito’s Handmade Vodka were able to step in with an assist and get the dogs transported safely.