Little Dog Who Was So Matted She Couldn't See Looks So Different Now

"She is a complete joy" 💗

Magnolia had been waiting nearly a decade for help.

No one knows exactly what she endured — but by the time she was finally safe, it didn’t matter. She was never going to know that type of life again.

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The senior shih tzu was brought to Lancaster Animals Shelter in North Carolina, which then contacted the Lancaster SPCA for help with her medical care. Diana B. Knight, LSPCA president, stepped forward to foster Magnolia.

After not being groomed for several years, Magnolia was trapped inside her fur. Luckily, after a haircut she’s able to run and jump around like she’s waited years to do. She had been left inside a home with no one to pay her any mind, leaving her fur matted and tangled beyond repair.

dog rescue magnolia

Above anything, Magnolia’s neglect seems emotional, Knight said. She is lovable toward everyone she meets — and just wants to be with people. It seems like she’s been lonely for a long time, but now she has a foster family who gives her all the love she deserves as she waits for a forever family.

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“She is a complete joy,” Knight said.  “After living what we believe to be 9 to 10 years in filth and in a neglected place, she is enjoying car rides, toys, walks and is being spoiled by all who visit her. She is one of the worst we have taken in.”

dog rescue shih tzu

While Magnolia still has quite a bit of time left to recover, Knight is certain she has many happy years left with the perfect human companion. Until she’s adopted, she’s spending time with her shih tzu foster siblings and loving every minute of her new life.

“She is a typical shih tzu,” Knight said. “She just wants to be with her person and get love.”

If you’re interested in adopting Magnolia when she’s ready, you can apply here. To help with her medical care, you can make a donation here.