Man Spots Someone Unexpected On Construction Site In Need Of Help

"That would’ve been a hard fall.”

Metal beams, wooden planks and power tools are common sights on any construction site — but small, fluffy animals shouldn’t be. That’s why, when a man in New York looked over at the house being built next door and saw someone tiny and fuzzy high up on a beam, he knew something was wrong.

The metal beam was fully exposed and hovering around 10 feet above the ground. After getting a closer look, the guy realized the animal in need of help was a possum.

John Debacker

“The possum must’ve gone up in the overnight hours when no one was working on the house,” John Debacker, vice president of Long Island Cat/Kitten Solution, Inc., told The Dodo.

The man kept an eye on the possum for a bit, hoping the little guy would eventually retrace his steps and make his way back down safely. But as time passed, the possum stayed right where he was. It seemed the possum was too scared to move.

“He was just lying there for a few hours,” Debacker said.

As soon as the Good Samaritan realized that the possum was stuck, he reached out to Debacker and asked for help the rescue.

John Debacker

When Debacker got there, he was met by the Good Samaritan and a construction worker, who offered to escort the rescuer through the unfinished house. On top of having to look out for his own safety, Debacker made sure not to put the possum in any more danger, either.

“I had to be very careful that I didn’t make the possum jump or anything because that would’ve been a hard fall,” Debacker said.

Debacker soon reached the area where the possum was stranded and carefully stretched his arm out across the exposed beam. With his catch pole in hand, the rescuer secured the loop around the possum’s body and pulled him into safety.

John Debacker

Debacker’s rescued many animals before, especially in dangerous situations, but the possum’s demeanor caught him by surprise.

“He was pretty calm, actually,” Debacker said. “Calmer than some animals that I’ve seen. He showed his teeth, but he didn’t try to bite me or anything.”

Once Debacker had the possum safe in his arms, he checked the little guy over for injuries. Luckily, the possum was completely unscathed and was ready to be released back into the wild.

Debacker carried the possum safely down to ground level, then set him free. Happy to finally be free, the possum gleefully trotted away.

Since then, the construction site has remained possum-free.

Although Debacker hasn’t seen the possum again, he’s hopeful that the little animal is now living his best life and steering clear of all construction sites.

To help animals like this possum get rescued, make a donation to Long Island Cat/Kitten Solution, Inc.