Man Sees A 'Witch' Flying On Her Broomstick — Then Realizes Who It Really Is

It was actually the cutest surprise 👀

As the leaves changed and autumn settled into Eureka, Illinois, one neighborhood got an unexpected visit from an ominous object flying over their homes. Halloween decorations lined the streets, but to Eric Lind and his neighbors, nothing seemed spookier than what, at first glance, appeared to be a witch soaring through the sky on a broomstick.

“My mom received a call from one of the neighbors telling her to look outside in the backyard,” Lind told The Dodo.

Eric Lind

The object dove into a pine tree for some rest just as Lind’s mom peeked out the window. Immediately, she detected a visitor in her yard and was stunned by what she saw staring back at her.

“[She] spotted an owl,” Lind said. “And saw that it was carrying a stick horse.”

Eric Lind

The hungry owl had snatched a children’s stick horse toy from a nearby backyard, and although he couldn’t eat the toy, he appeared to be doing the next best thing — proudly flying it around for his neighbors to see.

Lind and his family watched the owl glide around the neighborhood with his horse toy in tow for as long as they could before he left for good.

“He flew from the pine tree to a nearby power pole,” Lind said. “And then he took off across the neighborhood.”

Lind posted a video of the owl on Facebook to alert his neighbors about the eerie but hilarious sight.

You can watch the video here:

The responses to Lind’s video have been on point for the Halloween season, with comments pointing out the owl’s striking resemblance to a witch.

“There have been lots of references to Halloween and Harry Potter,” Lind said.

But the owl who briefly terrorized Lind’s neighborhood isn’t just a seasonal guest. According to Lind, he belongs to a family of owls who’ve been living there for around six months.

“[We] watch them fly from tree to tree, sometimes swooping down to investigate something on the ground,” Lind said.

The owls provided Lind’s family with constant entertainment in the summer, but nothing compared to the gasps and laughter they brought this fall. And though the owl has since abandoned the stick horse, Lind and his family are ready and waiting for more spooky surprises in the future.