Man Meets His Adopted Kitten For The First Time — And Notices His Fur Is Green

His new dad calls him a “miracle of nature.”

An adorably unusual kitten has been turning heads in the city of Grodno, Belarus — and it’s easy to see why.

The young cat’s fluffy fur features a mysterious green hue.


Local shopkeeper, Sergey Viktorovich, adopted the kitten after learning that a litter a had been born in a nearby village. He was immediately struck by his unique coloring — orange with a subtle emerald tint.

Viktorovich calls him a “miracle of nature.”


According to Viktorovich, a veterinarian has since confirmed that the cat is perfectly healthy, and that the coloring is natural. Unlike a green puppy born in 2019, whose temporary coloring is believed to have resulted from substances in her mother's womb, this cat's unique appearance is thought to be hardwired within him.

“The vet said that he has a malfunction of some gene responsible for color,” Viktorovich told The Dodo.


Viktorovich, who runs a stationary store, named the cat Eraser — hailing him as the shop’s new mascot.


Aside from his odd hue, Eraser is very much a normal kitten.

“He is active, playful, inquisitive and affectionate,” Viktorovich said.

There's no telling if Eraser's green fur will fade with time as he grows into adulthood, but Viktorovich and his family will continue to love him either way.


"We have been enjoying him both at home and at the shop," Viktorovich said. "Even our corgi loves him, too."