Man Locked Out Of House Begs His Cats To Let Him In

They're considering the request 😂

Cats have a tendency to be rather mercurial creatures — at times attention-seeking and affectionate, and at other times solitude-loving and aloof. But at the end of the day, to their adoring families, they’re welcome either way.

But what if it was a cat who held the keys?


The other day, TikTok user Santi shared footage from an incident that put that question to the test. It all stemmed from an easy-to-make mistake at home.

“My dad and I accidentally left the keys inside,” Santi told The Dodo. “We were locked outside.”

Fortunately, the house wasn’t empty. Still inside were the family's three cats. But as Santi's dad struggled at the door, imploring them for help, they seemed to need a moment to contemplate whether or not it was in their best interest to intervene.

Here’s video of what happened next:

In the end, it was the orange cat named Kala who — after appearing to weigh the pros and cons of a human-less existence — decided to go ahead and let Santi back in.

Though the thought of having free rein over the house might have seemed appealing, life is always better with family around to share it with.

Santi agrees.

“We were very happy and elated to see my open the door for us," Santi said. "We filled her with hugs, and we also gave her tuna, which is her favorite food. We love her."