Man Hears 'Ear Piercing Scream' And Discovers Puppy Abandoned In The Jungle

“I could feel her shaking and her little heart racing at a million beats a second.”

Driving his moped through the streets of rural Thailand, local dog rescuer Niall Harbison suddenly stopped on a dime when he heard a strange noise ringing out from the jungle.

“By pure chance, I came around the corner on my usual route and heard an ear piercing scream,” Harbison wrote in an Instagram post.

Driving over to get a better look, Harbison saw a small, sand-colored puppy flailing in the dark brown grass.

puppy in grass

As Harbison stooped down, the nervous puppy dodged him, trying to get away.

“I could feel her shaking and her little heart racing at a million beats a second,” Harbison told The Dodo.

Once the puppy realized Harbison was trying to help, she began to relax into her rescuer’s hands.


As he tried to decide what to do, Harbison noticed small movements in the surrounding grass.

Soon, he found them — the puppy’s two sisters. The whole family had been abandoned in the jungle.

“In one way, I was a little happy,” Harbison said. “At least the puppy had not been dumped alone.”

three puppies
Niall Harbison

Carefully, Harbison got all three puppies onto his moped and drove them to safety.

three puppies
Niall Harbison

You can watch their rescue journey here:

Safe at Harbison’s dog shelter, the puppies slowly began to unwind. After a few hours, their confidence and energy began to return.

“They were shaking with the cold and still very nervous for a few hours,” Harbison said. “They then got back to being puppies and causing mayhem by playing with each other, eating and drinking and sleeping, and generally being cute!”

three puppies drinking milk
Niall Harbison

The sisters, now named Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, will live at the shelter for a while longer, until they’ve fully recovered and are big enough to begin the search for their forever homes.

Finally free to relax and be puppies, these three will never have to worry about making it on their own again.

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