Man Feels A Mouse Run Up His Leg And Is Forced To Make A Choice

He chose kindness.

The life of one little mouse in the world might not amount to much for some people, but it means everything to her.

And at the moment she needed it most, this particular rodent was fortunate to find someone who agrees.

Maryana Kravets

The other day, while walking with her friend, Antony, near their home in Ukraine, Maryana Kravets spotted another friend’s cat appearing to be out on the prowl.

As the pair moved closer, the object of the cat’s playful hunt became clear — it was a mouse, frightened at being targeted by her feline pursuer. Kravets and Antony decided to intervene.

“We went to save the mouse from the cat,” Kravets told The Dodo. “She jumped on [Antony’s] leg to save herself.”

Feeling a mouse climbing on his leg, Antony was forced to make a choice: swat her away or become her hero. Antony chose the latter:

Afterward, Antony walked into a nearby field, where the mouse could descend and find safe haven. He'd saved her life — but Antony doesn't hold it against the cat for following her cat-like instincts.

"I wanted this story to have a happy ending for everyone. For the cat, too," Antony told The Dodo. "I brought her treats that day."