Man Cleaning Out Cellar Finds Deadly Animal — Then Realizes There's 11 More

They just kept appearing 😳

Early this year, a man in Ackerly, Texas, was making plans to start construction on a new project when he realized an abandoned cellar near the property might pose some problems. Suspicious of potential snakes in the area, the man called Big Country Snake Removal for help.

“He was about to build a house very close by and it felt a little ‘snakey,’” Big Country Snake Removal wrote in a Facebook post. “His intuition was spot on.”

man cleaning out cellar
Facebook/Big Country Snake Removal

As he descended into the cellar, the snake expert from Big Country braced for whatever, or whoever, might be down there.

“I never really know what to expect,” the rescuer told The Dodo.

Soon enough, the snake handler saw a western diamondback rattlesnake slither across the dusty cellar floor.

Facebook/Big Country Snake Removal

But the snake wasn’t alone. In fact, as he searched the area, the snake handler found more and more rattlesnakes — culminating in a grand total of 12.

The snake expert used tongs to move each snake into a bucket so he could transport them to a safe location for release. As he worked, he noticed that, as usual, the snakes were relatively serene.

“Snakes are never aggressive,” the representative said. “Defensive, depending on the situation, but the same can be said for any animal.”

According to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, western diamondback rattlesnakes are generalists, meaning they're happy to live in lots of different environments. These potentially deadly, venomous snakes are usually 3 to 5 feet long, with some growing as lengthy as 7 feet. 

snakes in bucket
Facebook/Big Country Snake Removal

With the snakes safely removed, the property owner was free to continue his construction, surely feeling grateful that his “snakey” suspicion had been handled.