Rescue Cows Completely Charmed By Man Playing Music

They LOVED it!

Everyone can appreciate good music on a nice day.

That’s just the adorable thing one man discovered recently in India when he approached a herd of rescued cows at Animal Rahat sanctuary in India to play a song.

As he began to play his flute, the curious cows wandered over, listened and even lay down in the grass to relax.

animal rahat cow india
Youtube/Animal Rahat

The peaceful scene went on for a few minutes as the man continued his lullaby.

By that time, a crowd of cows had formed to watch the riveting performance — and one cow even approached the musician to cuddle him with his large head.

Clearly pleased by the music, the cow seemed to only think of one way to thank the man: by nuzzling him.

cow concert animal rahat india
Youtube/Animal Rahat

Animal Rahat's sanctuary houses retired and rescued animals, including bullocks, donkeys and others who were once forced to pull heavy loads day in and day out, even when they were sick, tired or injured.

But these lucky cows get to retire to the relaxing sound of music.

"Just like humans, all other animals have unique personalities and many are moved by music," Animal Rahat chief operating officer Dr. Naresh Chandra Upreti told The Dodo. "No animal should be worked into the ground, and Animal Rahat is committed to providing our rescued residents with rich experiences after their years of suffering."

To help cows like these, you can make a donation to Animal Rahat.