Mall Security Has Best Reaction After Stray Dog Wanders Inside

"Most mall-goers now consider Dogdog a living landmark" ❤️

The other day, Jan Mart Calimpong was visiting a mall near his home in the Philippines when he noticed someone unexpected who evidently had the same idea.

It was a stray dog, lying comfortably in the middle of the walkway.

“It was unusual,” Calimpong told The Dodo.

The dog, it seems, was looking for people to love on him — and that’s exactly what he found.

Jan Mart Calimpong

Calimpong began recording a video as a mall security guard was alerted to the friendly pup. But rather than harshly evict the furry visitor, the security guard gave him a few scratches before gently escorting him away.

“He handled him like a pet,” Calimpong said. “He was even wagging his tail.”

But ultimately the dog wasn’t evicted from the mall after all. Truth is, quite the opposite happened.

When management at the mall learned of just how at home the stray dog felt there, they decided to offer him a job. And with that, "Dogdog" (as he's now known) became an official member of the mall's security team.

"We are continuously building a culture of inclusiveness where humans and animals, like Dogdog, come together and help each other," mall officials wrote.

Now, the former stray is surrounded by people who care about him.

And Dogdog couldn’t be happier.

That act of compassion for a lonely stray dog has since proven to be an excellent business choice. With Dogdog on staff, shoppers have one more reason to visit.

"Most mall-goers now consider Dogdog a living landmark. He's a must-see for people in the area," Calimpong said. "As a pet lover, particularly for dogs, I'm really glad to see that."