Kind Dog Patiently Waits On Lawn Each Day To Give Friend A Special Gift

They have an unbreakable bond ❤️

Maisy loves to lay on the front lawn, basking in the sunshine. But the 11-year-old golden retriever isn’t just out there to catch a few rays. She has a very special person she’s waiting to see, and sometimes, she even has a gift for him.

A golden retriever waits for her friend.
Mark Speelman

Each morning, Maisy picks the perfect spot on the grass in front of her house until a neighbor named Richard approaches with his walker. The two have struck up a unique kinship that began during Richard’s daily walks.

“I’ve recorded [their relationship] on and off for months, but I have only recently started videoing,” Mark Speelman, Maisy’s dad, told The Dodo. "[She] loves people.”

A golden retriever greets her friend.
Mark Speelman

“Richard and I have known each other for a long time,” Speelman said. “I would often check on him by calling the retirement home after not seeing him walk due to weather.”

Since Richard became able to get around on his own again, Maisy created her own schedule in anticipation of seeing him.

You can watch Maisy and Richard’s sweet meetup here:

Speelman hasn’t documented all of Maisy and Richard’s interactions, but he managed to snag a few special moments. Some days, the devoted pup even brings a gift to her favorite walker — a leaf — and Richard is always grateful.

“I absolutely love their interactions,” Speelman said. “Watching Richard and Maisy's videos brings so much joy to people.”

A golden retriever greets her friend.
Mark Speelman

No matter what each day brings for Maisy, she’s comforted in knowing she’ll soon see her good friend once again. And it will be the best time, every time — leaf gifts and all.

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