'Magical' Video Shows Tapir Mom And Baby Casually Jogging Underwater

"This is the most incredible scene I've ever captured."

With a strong set of legs and four hearty hooves, tapirs of South America are perfectly equipped for life on dry land.

But there's yet another place their ability to get around really shines.


Recently, photographer Fernando Maydana was diving in the crystal clear waters of Rio da Prata, a river in Brazil, when he happened upon a scene he'd never before managed to capture on film. Though he'd grown quite accustomed to seeing tapirs in the region, both on dry land and in the water, what he saw this day was something extra special.

While his camera rolled, a mother tapir with her baby in tow entered the water — and began to jog effortlessly along the river bottom.

"This is the most incredible scene I've ever captured," Maydana wrote, later describing the moment as "magical."

Mother and baby looked to be right at home in the underwater realm, trotting along much like they would on dry land. It was a scene of a tapir family few have ever witnessed.

Maydana knew he had lucked out.

"I had the privilege of recording this beautiful moment of mother and baby swimming together," he told The Dodo. "It was a great joy for me; one of my best captures to date."