Lynx Makes Rare Appearance On A Stroll With Her Fierce Little Kittens

“I was shocked to see them all together ..."

The other day, Sam Griffiths and his girlfriend were driving down a rural stretch of road in Newfoundland, Canada, when something in the distance caught their eyes.

There, a ways ahead of them, a group of lynx were crossing the road. Griffiths and girlfriend got just a quick peek of the cats before they disappeared into the nearby brush. But this was only the beginning.

Danielle Tilley

Griffiths decided to pull over, hoping for a better look at the majestic wild cats. Not long after, one emerged from the woods just off the road — with her four adorable kittens in tow.

The furry family were out for a stroll in plain sight of Griffiths and girlfriend, offering them an extraordinary glimpse of one of nature’s most elusive species. They were stunned.

“I’ve spent my whole life in the woods and have only seen two or three lynx before, all of them alone,” Griffiths told The Dodo. “I was shocked to see them all together because I knew how rare it was.”

Here’s video of that moment:

And just like that, the rare encounter ended as quickly as it had begun. But as the last of the little lynx kittens bounded boldly out of sight, perhaps never to be seen again by another human, Griffiths couldn't help but feel grateful to have crossed their path that day.

Canada lynx generally avoid contact with people, so such sightings are few and far between. These cats are so elusive, in fact, that the National Wildlife Federation describes them as "like a gray ghost of the North" — making Griffiths' encounter all the more memorable.

“It was an amazing experience,” he said.