Lucky Cat Falls From Building Straight Into A Hero's Loving Arms

Those cuddles after the catch 🥰

The other day, Özgür Anlı was sitting down at a cafe in Turkey, enjoying a cup of tea with a friend, when something caught his eye.

Across the street, in the apartment building where Anlı's sister lives, he spotted her cat in a desperate predicament. His sister's cat, named Latte, had somehow managed to slip out of an open window 50 feet up and was now gripping the edge for dear life.

Without hesitation, Anlı leapt into action.

“I immediately went under the window,” Anlı told The Dodo. “I felt the cat would fall at that moment.”

And as surveillance footage shows, Anlı was right:

When the cat finally couldn’t hold on any longer, she tumbled down toward the street below — but instead, landed in Anlı’s arms.

There, she found both rescue and the warmth of his affection.

“I opened my arms as a reflex,” Anlı said. “I started to love the cat after I caught her.”

Latte was totally uninjured. Anlı had saved her life. 

Özgür Anlı

Anlı's sister, who was home at the time, was horrified to learn that her cat had slipped and fallen — but also incredibly grateful that Anlı had been there to save the day.

"He's a hero," Latte's owner told The Dodo. "We have taken measures now so that something like this will not happen again."