Loyal Dog Waited Days Outside Hospital For This Moment To Finally Arrive

"It's amazing what these animals do for us."

Earlier this week, a homeless man named Adolfo was rushed to San Juan de Dios Hospital, in Colombia, having fallen ill with a bout of pneumonia.

It was there that, though Adolfo may be lacking in material possessions, it was proven that he’s rich in ways that matter more.

He has the love of a faithful dog, Moisés, who refused to leave his side.

Sammy Quiceno

While Adolfo received treatment inside the hospital, Moisés remained just out front — awaiting his best friend’s return.

The dog’s heartfelt vigil caught the attention of animal lover Sammy Quiceno, who was moved by the pup’s unwavering loyalty.

“He was waiting for his owner, in the emergency room, for more than 2 days without moving from there on cold nights,” Quiceno wrote.“The dog was with a bag containing the man's clothes and he wouldn’t let go. It's amazing what these animals do for us."

To ease his wait, Quiceno decided to take Moisés home until Adolfo could be released.

Once at Quiceno’s house, Moisés continued to remain alongside Adolfo’s clothes at all times — clearly longing to be close to him again. But thankfully, Moisés wouldn’t have to wait for long.

When hospital staff learned of the situation, they decided to make an exception to their "no pets" rule.

They opened their doors to Moisés, so he and Adolfo could finally be reunited.

Here's that moment on video:

Their joy was clear for all to see.

"[Today,] Adolfo could see his furry friend from whom he had not been separated for 5 years," Quiceno wrote. "This fills me with happiness!!! The love between them is unique."

Though Adolfo still needs some more time to recover, a hospital spokesperson told The Dodo: "Right now, both Don Adolfo and Moises are being cared for in the best way."

And until the day comes that they can be reunited for good, Moisés won't have to wait alone:

"Let's hope Adolfo has a speedy recovery so they can be together much longer!" Quiceno wrote. "For the moment, we will continue to care for Moisés in my house."