Lost Little Animal Approaches Guy In The Woods And Asks Him To Take Him Home

“He loves people and doesn't really let me out of his sight."

Recently, Cody Rinehart was on a walk in the woods near his home in Ohio when he saw an unfamiliar creature just ahead in the middle of the trail.

ferret in the woods

At first, Rinehart thought the animal might be a possum. But unlike most wild animals, the little guy wasn’t scared of Rinehart. In fact, he happily scurried over to examine Rhinehart’s boots.

As the animal got closer, Rinehart was shocked to realize that he’d stumbled across a pet ferret, all alone in the woods.

ferret looking at camera

Rinehart scooped up the sweet ferret and took him to an animal hospital. A vet confirmed the ferret was in good health, aside from some ticks and dehydration, and estimated that he had been living in the woods for a few days.

Rinehart came to the heartbreaking conclusion that the ferret was likely abandoned, as the nature preserve where he found him was miles from the nearest town. Plus, the friendly ferret loved being around people, and quickly made himself comfortable in Rinehart’s home.

“He's adapted pretty well, which is what really leads me to think he was definitely abandoned and not a runaway,” Rinehart told The Dodo. “He loves people and doesn't really let me out of his sight. He's been super friendly, even when I first found him.”

Rinehart named his new pet Noodle and bought him everything he needed to be happy and comfortable.

Noodle quickly became pals with Rinehart’s cats, Rue and Jalapeno, and the three of them now often play together around the house.

“If [Noodle is] not out chasing Jalapeno, he's snoozing in his hammock and living the good life,” Rinehart said.

Noodle also enjoys putting on his harness for short walks outside in the yard and eating lots of freeze-dried treats.

Thanks to the kindness of his new dad, Noodle has everything he needs, and he’ll never have to worry about being left alone again.

You can keep up with Noodle and Rinehart on TikTok and YouTube