Lost Dog Was Too Scared To Be Captured — Until Her Rescuer 'Collapsed'

“She just needed to be put at ease” ❤️

Earlier this month, reports began trickling in about a dog seen wandering all alone around the town of Sapphire, North Carolina. The pup was frightened, not allowing anyone close enough to help her.

Among those who learned of the skittish dog’s sad situation was Officer Holcom of Blue Ridge Public Safety — and he refused to give up on her.

Knowing that a cold front was on the way, Holcom made it his mission to earn her trust before the freezing chill.

Blue Ridge Public Safety

Over the course of several days, Holcom and his colleagues tracked the lonely pup, but no one was able to get near enough to catch her.

“When you would try to retrieve her, she would bolt,” Holcom told The Dodo.

But after many failed attempts, Holcom decided to try a new approach.

Blue Ridge Public Safety

Rather than pursue the dog, Holcom found a way to make her come to him. He laid down on the ground as though he had collapsed, inspiring her to check on him.

“[D]ogs like it when you’re on their level, or on the ground where it makes them feel like we’re on the same level,” Holcom said.

The dog’s willingness to approach him was rewarded by a treat he’d placed on his chest.

Blue Ridge Public Safety

From there, everything began to change.

Not long after, the dog finally allowed herself to be saved.

“She just needed to be put at ease,” Holcom said. “We never tried to ‘jump her.’ It was all patience and determination to get her to safety, as all of us in the community had wanted.”

Blue Ridge Public Safety

It isn’t know exactly how long the dog had been on her own for, or how her lonely ordeal had begun. But it all came to the happiest of ends.

After a brief stay at the local animal shelter, the dog — now named Sapphire — was adopted into a loving home.

Hulk Holcom

Now, even in the coldest depths of winter, Sapphire will be warm and her belly will be full.

“This was able to happen because of our community, residents tracking and passing on the info to each other. My interactions with her was only a piece to the puzzle,” Holcom said. “Total community effort is what saved her.”