Lost Blue Animal Shivers Under Bush — Hoping To Be Rescued

Rescuers had to act quickly.

Cold and alone, a peacock recently found himself in an unlikely place — shivering under a bush in Hewlett Harbor, New York.

Unsure what to do, the bright-blue bird peeked out from where he was sheltered, perhaps hoping someone might see his long feathers and offer help. 

Eventually, a Hewlett Harbor Village Hall employee noticed the bird’s stunning figure roaming near the building. The employee knew the bird was in danger, especially considering the severe storm expected later that day, so they called local animal rescuer Karenlynn Stracher for help

bird under bush
Karenlynn Stracher

Despite their large size, peacocks are able to fly. Stracher asked the Village Hall employee if anyone was willing to help, as she prefers to have backup when catching a flighted bird. Soon, two employees were standing at the ready, prepared to do whatever it took to get the bird to safety.

To everyone’s surprise, Stracher didn’t end up needing much aid. After asking one of the employees to stand guard near an opening in the bushes, she caught the peacock on her first attempt.

“When I first caught sight of the bird, it was under a large, dense group of bushes with only one way in and out,” Stracher told The Dodo. “I knew by looking that I had a very good chance of making a solo grab if I acted quickly and decided to give it a try. It worked, and within a moment or two, I was crawling out from under the bushes, peacock safely secured in my arms.”

The peacock, an exotic bird, couldn’t be released into the wild, as the North American landscape is not fitting for his needs.

Luckily, Stracher found a local bird expert who happened to have a peahen who needed a companion. Soon, the peacock departed for his new home.

woman holding peacock
Karenlynn Stracher

Rescuers are still unsure where this peacock came from. Whatever his story, it’s clear his future is looking bright. Safe and sound, this peacock can focus on his new family and his new peahen friend.

“After a vet check and a quarantine period, they have been introduced,” Stracher said. “It appears to be love!”

To help other animals like this peacock, make a donation to Karenlynn Stracher.