Lost Beagle Enters Dog Show, Wins Ribbon — Then Reunites With Family

“We found her adventure lovely and funny.”

When Bonnie escaped her yard two weeks ago, Paula Closier was worried she'd never see her beloved dog again.

But to Closier’s great relief, Bonnie soon returned. The little dog was alive and well. She was also, astonishingly, a ribbon-winning champion.

“We found her adventure lovely and funny,” Closier told The Dodo.

dog with yellow ribbon
Paula Closier

Bonnie, rescued from the streets of Crete, Greece, is known for her charm.

“[She’s] a free spirit,” Closier said. “She's lovely, never negative, tail always wagging.”

This gregarious nature was surely helpful when she found herself lost and in need of a way home. Traversing unfamiliar streets, Bonnie encountered a man named John Wilmer, who, according to The BBC, had been taking his own dogs to a local dog show when he saw Bonnie wandering alone.

Perhaps suspecting that Wilmer was her ticket home, Bonnie came along for the ride.

dog laying on back
Paula Closier

Wilmer quickly composed a Facebook post advertising the lost dog he'd found. Soon enough, Closier saw it and responded that Bonnie was hers. Feeling comforted by the knowledge that Bonnie would soon be back where she belonged, Wilmer figured he’d give Bonnie a fun day out.

They were already at the dog show — why not enter Bonnie as well?

Later that day, the little beagle won third in the rescue category.

Now safe at home, Bonnie is basking in the glory of her win.

Would Closier enter this bronze medalist in a future dog show so she can go for gold?

“We might,” Closier said. “She obviously enjoys them.”