Lost Baby Goat Is Overjoyed To Be Reunited With His Family

"All of their tails were wagging like crazy"️️ ❤️

The other day, on the outskirts of a village in the Philippines, a voice called out from somewhere in the surrounding overgrowth. Ken Dominic Arceo's little sister was the first to hear it.

She shouted back.

"She thought she was playing with another child," Arceo told The Dodo. "But we went near to the source of the shout and found a pit."

Ken Dominic Arceo

Inside the pit, about 3 feet down, was a baby goat. He was trapped.

"We were shocked," Arceo said. "Only our house is near there. We didn’t even know we had any goats roaming around."

Arceo and his family had found the goat just in time to rescue him. But they did more than just that.

Ken Dominic Arceo

After bringing the baby goat home and feeding him bottles of milk, Arceo visited all his neighbors to ask if they knew where he might have come from.

"No one claimed him," Arceo said. "So we decided to keep him overnight and try again to search the next day."

Ken Dominic Arceo

That night, Arceo made sure the baby goat was fed and cozy.

"I’ve learned that they are very sensitive to cold," he said. "We cuddled for body heat."

Ken Dominic Arceo

The next day, Arceo and his family resumed looking for someone who might own the baby goat. Their search brought them to an even more remote area about 30 minutes away, where few people live. That's when something amazing happened.

"Before encountering another family or another human, we came across a goat herd," Arceo said. "It looks like they roam around freely."

This group of goats shared something in common with the baby: They, too, had white fur on the tops of their heads — a family trait, Arceo thought.

Ken Dominic Arceo

The goat herd seemed to recognize the baby Arceo was holding in the distance. He didn't get too close, as to not spook them away.

Instead, he placed the baby on the ground and nudged him toward them.

Then this happened:

"All of their tails were wagging like crazy. The mom ran towards the baby goat and he began to nurse," Arceo said. "Our hearts were full. It downright gave me personally pure, unfiltered happiness."

The goat herd, with baby in tow, then wandered peacefully out of sight.

Arceo and his family had made them whole again.

Ken Dominic Arceo

The experience is one Arceo won't soon forget.

"It just feels really fulfilling to save someone who needed saving," he said. "A big takeaway for me is that if we were given a chance to help anyone or any animal unconditionally, we take it."