Little Girl Goes Out For A Walk And Comes Home With A Surprise

She saved a life ❤️

The other day, this 8-year-old girl named Isa stepped out for a walk around the neighborhood in Brazil, where she lives. Her adult cousin, Grazi Do Vale Silva, had asked her to pick up some milk from the store on her way. But she arrived home with something else entirely.

Silva was surprised when she saw Isa approaching.

“I was looking out the front gate when I saw her carrying something strange,” Silva told The Dodo.

Turns out, Isa had saved a life.

Sure enough, cradled in little Isa's arms, was a small puppy. Silva was perplexed and responded somewhat harshly at first, but then she learned the story.

Isa had been walking nearby when she saw some boys on the street kicking the puppy. She decided to intervene and carry the dog to safety.

Hearing that, Silva had a change of heart. “I’m glad she saved her,” she said.

The puppy had a wound on her head from the abuse, so Silva and Isa rushed to get her treated.

Grazi Do Vale Silva

Since then, the puppy — now named Mel — has recovered well in Isa and Silva’s home.

They have several other rescue dogs already, but Isa and Mel have formed a bond unlike any other.

Grazi Do Vale Silva

“Mel is glued to Isa, and Isa treats her like a daughter,” Silva said. “The first thing she does after school is go see little Mel. They are inseparable.”

Grazi Do Vale Silva

Growing up, Isa has been instilled with a sense of protectiveness and care for animals in need — and now, with every wag of Mel's little tail, the reward for her open heart is manifest.

"I am proud [of Isa]," Silva said. "It is our duty to respect animals. Their love is a gift."