Parents Hear Silence — And Find Daughter Napping Outside With Her Dogs

"We try to explain to her that she can't do certain things that the pup-pups do" 😂

This little girl named Annabell loves her mom and dad. They are her parents, after all.

But there are others in the family whom she simply adores.

Lawria Melo

Annabell and her family live in Brazil where, from an early age, she's always felt the closest kinship with her family's dogs, named Zaya, Neném and Tataia. Where one goes, the others are sure to follow.

"They always have been best friends," Lawria Melo, Annabell's mom, told The Dodo. "Every morning she kisses each one. She loves them as if they were her sisters!"

Lawria Melo

Annabell and the pups often play together as a group outside for hours, providing one another with endless entertainment. And her parents relish in knowing that their daughter and her dogs are so happy.

But the other day, the sounds of cheerful laughter fell silent.

"It had gotten too quiet," Melo said. She and her husband went to investigate — and that's when they saw this:

Lawria Melo

Evidently, Annabell and the dogs had gotten tuckered out from all the fun they were having, and they decided to take a group nap. Annabell could have gone inside to her bed, but not if that meant being apart from her pups.

"I laughed a lot," Melo said. "When I got there she was covered in sand from head to toe."

Lawria Melo

Though Annabell's parents found the scene to be both adorable and amusing, the little girl thought nothing of it.

"She still doesn't know how to talk yet, but I believe that for her it is normal," Melo said. "We try to explain to her that she can't do certain things that the pup-pups do." Annabell doesn't quite agree, even if that sometimes means having to submit to an extra bath.

For Annabell, being with her dogs is worth it.

Lawria Melo

In the years to come, there are bound to be many more dirty hands and knees, and clouds of dog fur kicked up by wagging tails. Still, Annabell's parents wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's amazing to see the affection and love she has for them," Melo said. "They're a part of her life."