Little Dog Loves Posing Next To The Mural He Inspired

He knows it's for him ❤️️

Cachito is around 5 years old and has become an incredibly important part of his family. To show their love for him, his owner decided to paint a mural on the side of their house — featuring Cachito.

The mural painted onto the family’s home in Mexico shows a house with a red door next to an area with lots of grass and trees, and in the doorway sits Cachito.

dog sits next to mural he inspired
Alberto Gallardo Vazquez

Now, Cachito’s favorite thing to do is sit outside next to his mural and watch the world go by. He loves greeting all of his neighbors, too, and everyone who passes loves seeing Cachito next to his owner’s work of art.

Skeptics might say that Cachito can’t possibly know that the mural is for him — but to everyone in the neighborhood, it’s so clear that he does.

dog poses next to mural of himself
Alberto Gallardo Vazquez

“He is friendly to people passing by,” Alberto Gallardo Vazquez, Cachito’s neighbor, told The Dodo. “I think he notices it because he hangs a lot around it.”

There are lots of ways to celebrate how much we love our dogs — but Cachito’s family definitely found one of the best ways ever.