Little Dog Left Home Alone Suddenly Realizes She’s Being Watched

When she hears her owner's voice 😂

This little dog named Bella was under the impression that being left home alone meant her goings-on would go unseen.

But she was wrong.


Turns out, Bella’s owner had installed a hidden camera in their house. Not only was it allowing him to keep tabs on what she was up to while he was out, he could use it to talk to her from afar, too.

This was all news to Bella.

Here’s video of the moment the little dog found out she was being watched:

It's unclear if Bella had been planning on getting into mischief with the house all to herself, but had she, those plans were surely thwarted now that she knew she was on camera.

After all, Bella is (as her owner reminded her from afar) such a good girl.