Little Dog Jumps Into His Mom's Arms After Being Lost For 5 Years

“It was the best feeling in the world.”

At first, Paris didn’t recognize the people standing in front of him. The little dog hadn’t seen them in five years, but as soon as he realized who they were, he jumped into his mom’s arms and refused to get down.

“He started to recognize them and then just wanted to be held,” animal rescuer Bob Swensen told The Dodo. “It was the best feeling in the world.”

dog and woman
Facebook/Bob Swensen

Swensen, who’s part of the Lost Animal Resource Group, had been searching for a different lost pet along a set of Baltimore city train tracks when a camera he’d set up to monitor for dogs alerted him that Paris had stumbled into one of his traps.

“I watched the camera and saw the two little eyes crawling up into the trap,” Swensen said. “He was nervous and probably scared, but handled it well. I got him home and got him settled into my home office.”

Aided by Rachel Moxley of Microchip Help, Swensen was able to find Paris’ true home. Soon, Swensen was watching with glee as Paris and his family were reunited.

man holding dog
Facebook/Bob Swensen

Paris’ mom was astonished that her beloved pet was back in her arms. She told Swensen that Paris had escaped while briefly staying with a family friend, but she never lost hope that one day he’d return.

“She couldn’t believe we found Paris,” Swensen said. “She had been praying and hoping that Paris would be found and didn’t get another dog for almost three years. She never gave up and kept praying.”

Though Swensen has been involved in many pet rescues, this one felt particularly meaningful.

“We have reunited thousands of lost pets, but this was extra special,” Swensen said.

people standing with dog
Facebook/Bob Swensen

It’s unclear where Paris was for the last five years. Swensen thinks he was likely kept by someone else before escaping to the train tracks. Regardless of where Paris’ adventures took him, it’s clear now that Paris will never feel lost again.

To help other dogs like Paris, make a donation to Lost Animal Resource Group here.