Little Dog Insists On Stopping To Smell Every Flower He Sees

“I will catch him jumping on our coffee table to sniff store-bought flowers … sometimes even fake plants” 🌷

All dogs love a good sniff — but for a pup named Finn, nothing smells better than flowers. And no dog is more excited for spring than the 2-year-old Pekingese-Brussels griffon mix.

Sarah Geers first noticed her dog’s fondness for flowers when he was a little puppy. “He was super fascinated by my father’s zinnia garden,” Geers told The Dodo. “He would just sit there and sniff them — didn’t try to bite them or anything, just sniff. Finn is a gentle pup.”

Dog loves to smell the flowers
Sarah Geers

Even when flowers aren’t blooming outside, Finn finds a way to satisfy his nose. “I will catch him jumping on our coffee table to sniff store-bought flowers,” Geers said. “Sometimes even fake plants.”

Sarah Geers

If there’s anything Finn loves more than flowers, it’s his family. The small dog curls up under the covers with his dad to sleep, and follows his mom around everywhere she goes.

“He is attached to my hip and loves to sit on laps,” Geers said. “He loves going to Target, HomeGoods, Lowe’s … anywhere there are people! He loves humans and loves to be petted. He thrives on attention.”

Sarah Geers

When Finn’s not busy receiving pets from people, he’s seeking out another flower to sniff. “I will catch him trying to sniff the fake flowers when we are at HomeGoods,” Geers said. “He likes to ride in the cart, and he will pop his head out to sniff them as we walk through the aisle. He was also obsessed with my wedding flowers!”

While Finn is attracted to all flowering plants, he especially adores pansies. These colorful flowers are nontoxic to dogs and apparently quite tasty — though Finn would never think of snacking on his beloved blooms.

Sarah Geers

With a sense of smell 10,000 to 100,000 times that of the average human, we can only guess what amazing scents Finn is picking up from his flowers. But taking the time to enjoy the little things, like the sweet fragrance of a flower, has made the little dog content and relaxed — and he passes on this positivity to everyone he meets.

“He makes us smile and laugh every day,” Geers said. “He’s always so happy and never stops wagging his tail or giving kisses. He reminds us daily to stay positive and to always show love.”

To learn more about Finn and his passion for flowers, you can follow him on Instagram.