Little Dog Has The Sweetest Way Of Asking Her Dad For Pets

Those eyes ❤️

This sweet dog named Amora knows exactly how to get what she wants.

After all, who could possibly say no to this face?


Amora’s owner, Oliveira, adopted her as an older rescue. But though the early part of her life is a mystery, one thing is clear — she simply can't get enough love and attention from her new family.

And Amora has the sweetest way of showing it.

Here’s the little pup in action, asking her dad for pets:

“She asks all of us for pets using that face," Oliveira told The Dodo.

Amora does indeed get plenty of pets, thanks in no small part to those adorable powers of persuasion. Her "pet me" face has proven to be so effective, in fact, that it's kind of her go-to expression these days.

“She does this all the time," Oliveira said. "She's always like that.”