Little Dog Accidentally Blends In Perfectly With Pile Of Logs

"Once you see her you can’t unsee her. She’s hidden in plain sight."

Lucy has always been obsessed with sticks, and even though she’s a very tiny dog, she still loves trying to pick up sticks of all shapes and sizes. Even if the stick is way bigger than she is, she’s always up for giving it a try. 

little dog
Katie L.

One day, Lucy noticed a huge pile of logs sitting outside — and she was immediately thrilled. 

“When she saw this pile of logs she instantly had to explore it and climb all over, sniffing around checking things out,” Katie L., Lucy’s mom (who asked that her last name not be included), told The Dodo. “She LOVES playing with sticks, doesn’t matter the size, she will try to pick it up so I’m sure she was happy to see the logs (too big to pick up obviously, they are definitely double her weight or more).”

Lucy carefully climbed onto the pile of logs as her mom watched nearby, and it didn’t take her long to realize that Lucy was basically the same color as the logs around her and was actually camouflaging quite well. 

dog in log pile
Katie L.

“I noticed right away she was blending in, [and] it was the perfect opportunity for a neat picture moment,” Katie L. said. “I love snapping pictures of her outside playing, so I had my camera ready!”

She decided to take a picture of Lucy’s log adventure — and when she looked at the results, she had to squint to actually find little Lucy in the photo. 

Lucy’s mom knew that the picture was just too good not to share, so she posted it online, and everyone has been having so much fun trying to find tiny Lucy, who really wasn’t even trying to hide. She’s just that good. 

dog in log pile
Katie L

“Almost everybody had to zoom in [on] the photo to actually see her,” Katie L. said. “But once you see her you can’t unsee her. She’s hidden in plain sight, which is funny.”

Lucy had no idea that her log climbing would result in such a fun “find the animal” photo. She was just following her instincts, which always tell her to go where the sticks are.