Video Shows Lifeguard Dogs Coming To The Rescue Of A Struggling Swimmer


Meet Igor and Luna — a pair of specially trained lifeguard dogs from Italy.

Recently, when a young swimmer found herself struggling in the surf, the two good pups were there to help save the day. And their heroics were caught on video.

Igor and Luna are members of the SICS Italian School of Rescue Dogs, an organization that trains canines to perform nautical rescues.

The other day, the dogs were there when a 15-year-old at a beach in Cilento got into a scary predicament. She’d been swept up by a strong current and was unable to make it back to shore on her own.

That's when the dogs, along with their trainers, leapt into action.

“Luna, the young honey-colored Labrador, managed to reach her first,” SICS wrote online. “Together with her human teammate, they secured her [to the rescue buoy] and started the difficult return maneuver. Meanwhile, the second team also caught up with them. The girl was able to cling directly to the mighty Igor to finally be rescued.”

Here's footage of the rescue, taken by another beachgoer:

Igor and Luna had saved the day. But this isn't the first time that dogs trained like them have made all the difference.

"The Italian School of Rescue Dogs is the largest world organization dedicated to the training of nautical rescue dogs and their handlers," SICS wrote. "In 25 years of activity, the SICS Canine Units have saved the lives of hundreds of people, making the association esteemed and appreciated by all the bodies that deal with safety at sea."