Stray Dog Found In Gas Station Parking Lot Becomes Star PetSmart Model

“She had a natural talent for it.”

Meet Layla — a 2-year-old golden retriever who lights up every room she enters.

An animal rescue found Layla roaming around a gas station parking lot, dirty and alone. They didn’t know much about her past, or how long she’d been there, but they knew they could give her a better future.

Weeks later, the former stray found her forever home and started her modeling career, bringing joy to millions — and her new mom is her biggest fan.

Golden retriever smiles for the camera.
Rebecca Crews

“I began taking Layla to work with me at the PetSmart home office shortly after adopting her, and she was amazing,” Rebecca Crews, Layla’s mom, told The Dodo. “She’s the perfect desk companion.”

Crews works on the company’s social media team and needed a naturally photogenic pup, so she subbed in Layla while continuing her search.

“[She] had a natural talent for it and that’s why I started volunteering her for more photo shoots,” Crews said. “She gets a treat in between every take, gets to play with a toy during outfit changes and, of course, gets lots of pets from the team.”

Behind the scenes of golden retriever's photo shoot.
Rebecca Crews

Crews first met Layla on a whim while driving home from work. She hadn’t planned to add to her family, but fate intervened.

“I passed a brand-new-looking rescue I’d never heard of before called Heidi’s Village in Phoenix, Arizona,” Crews said. “When I was taken back to the kennels, I immediately noticed [Layla].”

Golden retriever in an animal shelter kennel.
Rebecca Crews

After talking it over with her husband, Crews went forward with the adoption process. She couldn’t get Layla out of her mind and knew she’d fit in perfectly. And when they met, Layla seemed to agree.

Watch Layla meeting Crews here:

Now, Layla spends her days as her mom’s best work companion. Her photos have been used in many of the company’s ads, but Crews has bigger plans for her sweet girl.

“Layla is so special, we hope to get her certified as a therapy dog,” Crews said. “We absolutely adore her.”

To adopt dogs like Layla, check out Heidi’s Village.