Lady Notices A Furry Little Passenger Boarding Her Bus

"We have the cutest travelers.”

In Belgium, bus inspectors come in all shapes and sizes — and species. 

Last Wednesday, Alessa was sitting at the Decroly bus stop in Uccle, Belgium, when a furry visitor walked through the open back door without paying a fare.

Alessa whipped out her phone and captured the sweet moment on video, later posting it to Twitter with the caption: “At Decroly we have the cutest travelers.”

A fellow Twitter user, who goes by Cri Kor In, immediately recognized the fox as one of her neighbors, responding: “The fox family lives in the grove opposite [my house]. We sometimes hear them calling each other when the sun goes down.” 

The fox seemed interested in the bus, sniffing up and down the aisle between the seats. But after a thorough investigation, he decided not to stay for a ride.

He got off just after his little tour of inspection,” Alessa tweeted.

Wild fox rides bus

This isn’t the first time a wild animal has been spotted on Brussels' public transit. In 2018, a little red fox slipped onto a tram while it was undergoing maintenance, hopping up on the seats to look out the window.

Though neither fox seemed to know where they wanted to go, passengers are now keeping their eyes open in case another furry commuter decides to take a trip.