Kitten Rescued From Freeway Turns Into The Biggest Snugglebug

"He began purring shortly after his rescue and hasn’t stopped!”

Tiffany, a field agent for Michigan Humane, was on her way to answer a call when she spotted a small gray animal huddled near the freeway median.

As she got closer, she could see from her window a kitten huddled on an orange plastic bag in the snow and sludge.

Kitten found on freeway median
Facebook/Michigan Humane

Tiffany stopped her car and scooped up the shivering cat, who immediately snuggled into her for warmth. Surprisingly, the cat had managed to survive his time on the busy road relatively unscathed.

“Aside from being chilled, he was in good shape!” Anna Chrisman, media manager for Michigan Humane, told The Dodo. “And he was very excited to get somewhere warm and receive lots of pets. He began purring shortly after his rescue and hasn’t stopped!”

Kitten saved from Lodge Freeway
Facebook/Michigan Humane

Safely at the Detroit shelter, the cat’s personality began to shine through — especially his love of cuddling. The 4-month-old shorthaired cat, now named Lodge, has large, expressive eyes which he's used to win over everyone at the shelter.

You can watch the video of Lodge’s rescue here:

Since his rescue, little Lodge can’t seem to get enough affection: “Lodge is a lovely and sweet cat with a bit of a sassy streak,” Chrisman said. “He enjoys being held and loves to play!”

Kitten rescued from Detroit freeway getting cuddles
Michigan Humane

The team at the shelter is currently taking adoption applications and will soon review them to find the best home for Lodge. Since the kitten has a feisty side, it's recommended that he goes to a home without very young children.

But wherever Lodge winds up, it's certain that his new family will get plenty of hugs and cuddles to keep them warm all winter long.

If you live in the Detroit area and are interested in adopting Lodge, you can fill out an application on Michigan Humane's website. To change the lives of other cats in need, you can make a donation to Michigan Humane.