Kitten Jumps Into Bathtub For The First Time And Decides He's Actually An Otter

“We figured he was OK with water, but this is next level!"

When Marvin’s family first adopted him, they were expecting him to partake in the typical mischief that all kittens love. Running around, playing with things they’re not supposed to and discovering the world in general. What they weren’t expecting was his obsession with water.

For weeks, Marvin loved to sit on the edge of the bathtub and watch his family shower. He had always loved playing with the water in his water bowl, so they figured he just had some sort of fascination with water, but they had no idea just how much he truly loved it — until he finally worked up the courage to dive in.

One day, Marvin decided he was done watching and jumped into the shower. He immediately began playing in the water, so happy and excited about it. He quickly became absolutely soaked, but he didn’t seem to mind one bit. He felt at home in the water in a way that most cats don’t, and his family couldn’t help but laugh as he romped around and had his very own little water adventure.

“We figured he was OK with water, but this is next level — he’s basically a sea otter,” his mom said in a video about Marvin’s shower adventure.

His family wondered if the shower escapade would perhaps be a one-time thing — but a few days later, when Marvin’s mom was drawing herself a bath and turned away for a minute, Marvin hopped right in again. He quickly stole the bath from his mom and claimed it as his own, so excited to be able to swim and play in the water again.

Now, Marvin is constantly trying to sneak into the shower and play in the water whenever someone is in there. His parents even ordered him his own swimming fishies bathtime toys so he has something to play with whenever his mom gives in and draws him a bath. They’ve started taking him to the beach, too, to see if maybe he might want to swim in the ocean, but so far, he’s still getting used to just being there.

When Marvin’s parents adopted him, they thought they were getting a regular kitten — but actually, they got some sort of kitten-sea-otter hybrid instead, and they couldn’t be happier about it.